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Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Thank you kindly for visiting my site. Would you like a cup of tea? Some Irish coffee? Vodka of mysterious origin?

What’s new…

I recently booked my first commercial job after signing with my new agency, AKA Talent Agency, and had a lot of fun playing mom with the super positive folks at Forcefield. Bonus: it’s truly a joy to give clients peace of mind by handling text-heavy spots easily.

I’ve been cast in an indie feature playing an upscale gallery owner who has strong opinions about the romantic relationships of twenty-somethings and I could not be happier to bring my blunt side out to play.

I completed the Advanced Intensive at the Margie Haber Studio and loooooove it. The work, the teachers, the imagination workouts… I’m looking forward to continuing my training there.

I have new headshots and could not be happier with how they came out. Theo & Juliet are freaking geniuses and so much fun to shoot with.

I’m still studying Croatian and have a new favorite word: “muz.” (<– picture a little boomerang over the Z) It’s pronounced “mooj,” which is delightful and fun to say and a lot less stiff than “husband.”

That’s it for now. Please do contact me if you’ve got a project on which you’d like to collaborate; I’m always game to play with inspired people.

Happy impending crocus season,