Thank you kindly for visiting my site. How are you? I’m wearing a scarf and telling myself more honey in the tea = healthier.

What’s new.

I’m shooting a comedy pilot for the Food Network this week where I play a scientist from the fifties (love the fashion from that era). Next week, I’m playing a well intentioned but somewhat smothering single mom in a web series. I’m excited to go all-out dorky and embarrassing on the lovely young person playing my son.

I recently shot a fun role in Joe Black’s new feature, “Chicks, Man,” playing a fast-talking art gallery owner. Joe and I have just done a pile of editing on the short we made together and I’m looking forward to getting it finished and sharing it. Acting opposite an Oscar-winning legend and actress hero of mine was a big thrill. I’m also beginning production meetings for another short I wrote and am planning to shoot this winter.

I’m continuing my training at Margie Haber Studios in their weekly Advanced Ongoing class – it’s. so. good. I also updated my comedy reel and have already booked work directly from it, which is a pretty great feeling.

Being program staff at Camp AmeriKids for another summer was a ridiculous amount of fun and I’m counting down the days until next year already. I’m still studying Croatian, reading the Bible for the first time, and studying math. I know, I’m a party animal.

That’s it for now. Please do contact me if you’ve got a project on which you’d like to collaborate; I’m always game to play with inspired people.

Happy eating-a-whole-pumpkin-pie-in-one-sitting-is-good-for-you season,