May 3rd, 2018

Thank you kindly for visiting my site. Care for a bite? Sparkly beverage? Small purring creature?

What’s new…

A lot of film shoots (features and shorts) so far this month! Playing a lawyer who takes no prisoners, a gallery owner who would love to hear less complaining, and a couple of moms who are somewhat oblivious to very close-to-home horrors.

I also completed the Advanced Intensive at the Margie Haber Studio and love it. I’m looking forward to continuing my training there.

I have new headshots and could not be happier with how they came out. Theo & Juliet are geniuses and so much fun to shoot with.

I’m still studying Croatian and have a new favorite word: “mjenjańćnica,” which is a gloriously pronounced word that means “money exchange.” Helpful to know when traveling, and also kind of a tongue twister (sounds like “myen-NYATCH-nee-tsa”).

That’s it for now. Please do contact me if you’ve got a project on which you’d like to collaborate; I’m always game to play with inspired people.

Happy flowers and sneezes season,