December 18th, 2015

Thank you for visiting my site!

Some recent news:

- Tomorrow I wrap on Mercy Christmas, an indie horror feature in which I play a deranged police officer who just wants to be loved.

- I recently completed Lesly Kahn’s Comedy Intensive with the brilliant Lesly herself and am so, so excited to bring what I learned to my auditions.

- I’ve co-written the first season of Mission: Dadpossible, a comedy series I’ll be starring in; we’re currently fund-raising and getting a great response.

- I took Killian’s Commercial Workshop and was blown away by how clear, direct, and practical the work was.

- 101 at The Upright Citizens Brigade was fantastic fun and I’m looking forward to taking 201 this winter.

- I went camping for the first time. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. It was awesome.

Please do contact me if you’ve got a project in mind; I love collaborating with fun, inspired people.

Happy twinkly lights season,